Saturday, September 8, 2012

A New Home: Analysis Exercise 1

A New Home

Recently, I went through a major change in my life. I decided to bring my horse, Emma, to college with me. Along with the responsibility of owning horse came the challenge of finding her a new home in the Rochester area. To make a long story short, through Craigslist I found a little farm that seemed like it would be a good fit for her and I. Pictures can only show so much and the pictures I received of the place aided my decision to move to this barn. Upon our arrival at this new place my visual stimulation convinced that this was the right place to be.

I jumped out of the truck, looked around for a minute and my initial impression of this new place was; "Wow." I analyzed the place after my horse had settled in. I was impressed with the neatness of the barn, the work that clearly was put into it to keep it updated, looking good and clean. The landscaping was clearly well planned according to each horses' needs and to the land's disposition. Overall it was a good initial reaction to the landscape of the place I had chosen.

In spending time at the barn and with the owner I could easily put the image of this place in context. The previous owner, her neighbor, created the image and landscaping of the place. It was originally the only barn on the land until the previous owner decided to expand the place. The intended original audience was for the owner of the land and than for the boarders (people who rent out space for their horses). The image is created from a variety of landscaping, architecture and placement. The title of the barn "Greenway Pastures" put the image in my head of what the place would be like. The overall subject of the image/place is the beautiful horse barn on her land. Last but not least, the original purpose of creating this environment was to provide her horses with a nice home.

Overall, choosing a new home for my horse was an important thing for me to be able to see to be satisfied with. The end result of seeing and analyzing this new place with my own eyes, judgement and knowledge and landscape was a good overall impression for my horse and I.

This is picture I was sent before arriving at the barn. It looked like a great place but you never know until you get to see it with you're own eyes!

This was our first day at the barn. I knew I chose the right place after eeing the place with my own eyes and seeing my horse happy in her new environment.

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