Sunday, September 16, 2012

Graphic Designer Burton Kramer: Analysis Exercise 2

This week we attended a presentation with Burton Kramer, famous graphic designer. While I had never heard of him prior to the presentation I can now see how he, "became a driving force behind that city's reputation as a lively, modernist environment," in Toronto. His enthusiasm and eye for design is astonishing. What I found most interesting in his presentation was his love of geometric shapes, those which are commonly overlooked. I found it amazing that he created such gorgeous, unique and unexpectedly interesting holiday greeting cards from simply shapes. I will certainly keep that in mind for my next graphic design project!

Along with listening to him talk of his work RIT also has an exhibit of his up in the University Gallery. I wasn't able to fit in a visit with my busy schedule so I researched some of his work to analyze and I plan to post another analysis after I visit his exhibit on Monday. I chose Kramer's "Canada's 28th Parliament" design as my piece to analyze. I chose this piece because it has a simple color scheme, lines of various weights, the way an image is formed through the colors and lines, the texture that is created by the varying line weights. Along with these literal elements comes the way Kramer arranged each individual piece of the work in order to subtly show the Canadian leaf symbol. It illustrates the pride Canada has within itself by the arrangement and composition of the lines and the image it portrays. Helmers mentions that "Ideas are also conveyed to an audience through balance, proportion, pattern, and contrast." and this piece by Kramer has all of those values in order to make it a well done graphic design.

-Andrea Warren

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