Sunday, September 23, 2012

Graphic Designer Burton Kramer: Analysis Exercise 2: Part 2

 "Line Dance 5A" Burton Kramer

Hey everyone!
Sorry this took so long, I finally got a chance to get to the Burton Kramer exhibit! Can I just start by saying how incredible it was, I am truly impressed that he brought his design knowledge into a hand painted series. Looking at all of the pieces got me to question what these lines mean? And why he gave it the title that went with each piece? What is the significance of these pieces to Kramer?

The piece I chose from his show is called "Line Dance 5A." It is plain to see the love Kramer has for geometric shapes in this design as well as in most of his designs. I chose this piece mainly because of the title and also because of the color palette. The title caught my attention because I go line dancing almost every week and plan to teach it one day. In viewing the piece after observing the title I began to question how these shapes relate to line dancing or if I was simply taking the title too literally. After looking at it again and again I went to "describe it in detail." The color palette is cool and has a pastel feel to it. The values of the cool blue tones vary in even tones. The lines vary in position, but most of the lighter weight lines are horizontal. The shape of the overall canvas is a long thin rectangle while the shapes within vary from triangle, to square, line to box, ect.... Along with the the texture of the image is very flat and mono-toned. Last but not least, the space between these forms vary.

Overall, in a literal analysis, I think all of the details in the image describe line dancing as a form of music/dance that contains various people who participate and various forms of music that go along with it. The color palette says that line dancing is traditionally a more low key dance form. The position of the lines show the movements in the dance (wall to wall style). And the flatness of the texture can say that the dances themselves are very flat and sometimes boring but still beautiful to look at. This image can have many different opinions but this is what I personally got out of his creation "Line Dance 5A."

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