Sunday, September 23, 2012

Growth & Youth Symbolism: Analysis Exercise 3

While this image doesn't do this piece of artwork any justice, "Growth and Youth" by Josef Albers stands tall in the Eastman Building on campus at RIT. Josef is a famous artist who did these color studies with various colors, hues and tones of the entire spectrum. He was an artist who loved to experiment. What color looks good with what? What color vibrates off of this color? What color represents this idea? What placement represents this story?

You wonder how can a bunch of squares be symbolic? Helmers would consider this piece to be abstract symbolism. Helmers states that "Abstract information is reduced to elemental components such as geometry, line, and color. Symbolic information takes the form of conventional systems of communication in which humans have constructed signs and attached meaning to them." So how do these abstract forms symbolize Growth and Youth? In my opinion, The color palette represents, the sun, the center of the world. For many parents, they claim that their child is the "center of their world." Next, the placement of these forms from bottom to top represents growth. We all talk about "growing up" never "growing down." Overall these squares symbolically and genuinely represent the Growth and youth of us RIT college students who have left our parents arms to grow within this experience and school/.

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