Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wildenhain Exhibit: Analysis Exercise 4

I was somewhat disappointed with the set up at the Wildenhain exhibit. When entering you immediately feel a sense of absence or a lack of presence. None of the placements seem to make sense or allow your eye movement travel through the exhibit "smoothly." What most upset me is what you see in the image above. Helmers would agree that, It's hard to understand the artist/exhibitors "manifest content." It is not immediately evident of where they want us to look. To me this line up says; "look at this blank wall behind these cool pots..." It's dry and somewhat boring for such beautiful work.

According to Helmers Ch 2. step 6 "Our memories of similar images combine with the present image in order for an image to have an effect on our emotional state (in other words, in order for us to be angered or interested)."  I believe my preferences come from my mom being an art and photo teacher. I've been taught over and over that an image or space has to lead your eyes through the entire "frame." This must be why I am not content with the layout of the Wildenhain exhibit. Such beautiful pottery should allow the audience to be drawn to each piece in the gallery.

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